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A better approach to wealth management for internationally trained physicians in Canada.

Don’t let market trends or intricacies of the Canadian financial system keep you up at night. Let our team help you plan a conformable retirement with the financial peace you deserve.




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We’re a fiduciary. Which means we are legally and ethically obligated to put your interests first.

Our comprehensive financial planning services include retirement planning, children’s education planning, and estate planning. Our primary emphasis is on ensuring tax efficiency and proper tax planning to maximize your wealth by saving and exponentially growing your saved tax dollars.

Because our main focus is comprehensive financial planning and providing sound financial advice, there is no single performance history report that can satisfactorily answer this question. At RFL Wealth, we firmly believe in delivering unparalleled financial planning with a focus on effective tax planning and passive investing. It is because of this bias that much of our value lies in tax dollars saved and value for your money in fees paid.

Your financial advisor should be knowledgeable and have your best interest first. Of course, this is easier said than done. More often than not, advisors may offer conflicting advice mostly due to their compensation models. At RFL Wealth Management, we offer fee-based services and it’s up to you what advice you want to implement in your financial plan. Our advisors are compensated through the fee-only service so whether or not you chose to purchase a product, doesn’t change their advice.

We will work together to ensure that you have faith and confidence in your financial plan to bring you financial peace. At RFL Wealth, we are firm believers in the old adage “what gets measured, gets done.” We begin by quantifying what a Rich, Fulfilling Life looks like for you and then work with you to develop and implement a financial plan. Semi-annual and annual meetings allow us to check in and make any necessary updates and changes to keep your plan up to date.

We have an exclusive agreement with National Bank so you can feel confident knowing your funds are held at a reputable, trustworthy Canadian bank.

We understand the significance of fees. Transparency is key, and that’s why we offer our services on a fee-only basis. Our fees can be a combination of fixed fees or fees based on assets under management, tailored to your specific circumstances. Typically, our fee is around 1% of assets under management, but it may vary based on your unique situation. We also provide a fixed fee option to cover administrative tasks, reporting, oversight, and financial and estate planning. While there’s no minimum account size requirement, certain client relationships may involve a variation of these fees for a specific period.

In the last few years, there has been an abundance of information available to both consumers and advisors. Resources such as asset allocation modeling and fund selection that were previously hard to find are now readily available. This has resulted in too much information and noise in the industry. People are overwhelmed with varying advice on portfolios, latest fads, cryptocurrency, real estate investing and the list goes on. RFL Wealth Management aims to cut through the noise by providing value through sound and simple advice without distractions and conflicts of interest. We focus on tax-enhanced investing, the creation of generational wealth, and helping you solve your most pressing problems.

Investment advice is ubiquitous today, we focus on financial planning and use investments as one of the tools to achieve your short and long-term goals to deliver you the financial peace you deserve.

Our advisors have been part of the big 5 or other large wealth management firms – so we speak from experience when we say we take conflicts of interest very seriously. Most firms will only offer products sold exclusively by their respective firm whether or not that is in the client’s best interest. RFL Wealth Management is truly a boutique firm in that we have contracts with all leading insurance and investment providers. We only offer solutions that truly make sense based on each client’s individual needs without any pressure to sell certain units of any given product. You can choose any provider or choose not to purchase at all. Excellent financial advice is where we shine – the rest is up to you.

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Work closely with one of our advisors to understand how you can start living a Rich, Fulfilling Life today.

Enjoy Financial Peace

Implement a tax-efficient
retirement plan & enjoy Financial Peace.

As an internationally trained physician in Canada, you work hard to establish a successful practice and secure your family's future.

We get it. You are constantly sold investment and insurance products without true consideration for your financial well-being.

At RFL Wealth Management, we have taken out the guess work from Financial Life Planning. After our introductory call, our planners get to work to create a customized comprehensive Financial Life Plan as part of a fee-based service. Keeping your preferences in mind, we then present a plan to you with the independent products that best suit your needs. The decision to implement them is yours.

We pride ourselves on providing completely conflict-free advice. Book a call today to experience the RFL difference. And in the meantime, download “Top 5 mistakes internationally trained physicians make when planning for their retirement” for FREE below.

It’s time you achieved Financial Peace.