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An exclusive dinner honoring internationally trained physicians in Canada

An exclusive dinner honoring internationally trained physicians in Canada




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As an internationally trained physician in Canada, you work hard to establish a successful practice and secure your family's future.

We get it. You are constantly sold investment and insurance products without true consideration for your lifestyle or financial well-being and goals.

As a physician you understand the importance of specialization. You wouldn’t want an ENT to perform open heart surgery, would you? No, so why would you let a general financial advisor handle your money. Your financial planning should cater to your needs as an internationally trained doctor because just basic RRSP planning and RESP planning won’t be sufficient to support you in retirement or send your children to school. Instead, your financial planning should focus on insurance for physician, utilizing your MPC so you can learn how to save income tax in Canada and live comfortably in your golden years with the best retirement plans for physicians. At RFL Wealth Management, we have taken out the guess work from Financial Life Planning. After our introductory call, our planners get to work to create a customized comprehensive Financial Life Plan as part of a fee-based service. Keeping your preferences in mind, we then present a plan to you with the independent products that best suit your needs. The decision to implement them is yours.

We pride ourselves on providing completely conflict-free advice. Book a call today to experience the RFL difference. And in the meantime, download our guide to choosing a financial planner for FREE below. “10 Tips When Choosing a Financial Advisor” provides you with advice as well as questions to ask a financial advisor so you can make sure you are making the best decision possible for you and your family.

It’s time you achieved Financial Peace.